The mysterious ways God operates

I am so impressed by the mysterious ways God operates.

Sister Spenser and I went to the temple on our last P-Day before leaving the MTC. I was so stressed and begged Sister Spencer to do initiatories with me. When we were in the temple Sister Smith and Sister Jencks decided to do intiatories with us. Sister Smith was not happy and she said, “I don’t know why we don’t just do sealings. We can do sealings if we act as the children only.”

In the sealing room the sealer was talking about how there are often people there that we’re doing the sealings for.

I was really impressed with what he said and I felt really good about it. He said some very profound things, but I was also just glad that we were there.

Sister Jencks and Sister Smith went first. When I was at the alter, the last name the sealer said was Lillie-spelled correctly. I immediately felt her there with me. I could feel this girl who was being sealed to her parents and I knew that we were supposed to be in that sealing session at that time so I could be sealed in proxy for her.

I was so overcome with the Spirit that I was weeping, loudly and uncontrollably. I have never felt the presence of someone so strong before. After the sealer had finished sealing the family he asked me if I felt someone with me.

I asked him if he would spell the name of Lillie for me.


I put my head on the alter and cried. “That’s my name,” I said. “Exactly!”

“You know, here in the Temple, we do not believe in coincidences,” the sealer said, and I was so overwhelmed.

It was the most amazing experience I do believe I’ve ever had.


How grateful I am that I could be in that sealing at the perfect time.

What a perfect last Temple time before I depart for my mission!