My view of the Pre-existence

While I was reading Jesus the Christ yesterday I came kind of had this idea of what I imagine it must have been like in the pre-mortal existence with Christ and everyone. Cause did you know Lucifier was one of the Great and Noble ones?!?!
Okay, here’s this thing I wrote:
I can imagine, in the pre-mortal life, Heavenly Father calling all of His spirit children together and we were all very excited, wondering what the Lord had to say to us as a group.
I imagine we all stood with out friends and spoke excitedly with each other as we speculated what we were to hear.
Heavenly Father stood with our Heavenly mother, glorified, resurrected beings, that stood out among the disembodied spirits. Heavenly Father Appeared excited, and so we became excited as well. “My beloved children!” His voiced boomed, though still kind and loving and soft.
Every spirit stopped talking to listen.
“My beloved children I have exciting news for you!”
 Again, an excited whisper rustled through the crowd of billions.
The smile we all knew so well played on His face, “My children, you all have to opportunity to receive a body!”
Great shouts and cries of joy erupted from the spirit children of God. The sound was so great that the Heavens shook and the morning stars sang. We were all excited to have bodies such as those our Heavenly parents had.
When the rejoicing calmed down, our Heavenly Father said, “Receiving a body is only a small portion of my plan. If you are loyal to me ont he earth that I will create for you then you will have the opportunity to have Eternal glory, even the glory that I have.”
More rejoicing went up among the spirit children of the Most High God.
“Unfortunately, you will not be able to return to my presence on you own. For even the most loyal and the most faithful will fall into sin, which according to the demands of justice, would disqualify all of you on the Earth.”
A solemn silence fell upon the multitude.
“How can we return to you?” A lone spirit queried.
Heavenly Father smiled. “A Savior and a Redeemer to go down to the Earth and Atone for your sins. And whosoever chooses to become clean in the blood of this Savior, through their own agency, the same shall be saved.”
“Does that mean not everyone will come back?” Someone asked.
“Not everyone will return. The must choose to accept the atonement.” Heavenly Father said.
“What does the Atonement require?” Another asked.
The Savior must go down and suffer for your sins, as you will suffer. He must suffer for all of your sorrows, all of your pains, and all of your fears. In Him you will find comfort, peace, joy, and love, for He shall live a perfect life and shall be raised up in the Glory of my name.”
“Who will go?” A spirit asked.
“I will go, Father.” Came the humble call from the spirit Jesus as he stepped forward out of the crowd of spirits.
Every spirit knew Him, and He knew all of us. He had always been there to listen and had been a good friend and had shown incredible love for all the spirits in heaven with the Father. He had also been the most loyal to the Father, always.
Heavenly Father smiled and began to speak, but before He could, another spirit came forward, Lucifer, another great spirit, known and loved by many, and said, “Here I am, Father, send me, I will be thy son. I will redeem all mankind that one sould shall not be lost, and surely I will do it, wherefore, give me thine honor.
But Jesus, concern in His eyes said, humbly, “Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine, forever.”
Only a moment of silence stood between the promise and the Father’s answer.
“I will send the first.”
“NO!” Lucifer called and went for Jesus, but was stopped by Michael. Other spirits who were close to Lucifer joined in, but those who wanted Jesus as our Savior fought valiantly for this plan. We were victorious and many spirits escorted Lucifer and his followers, comprising of the 3rd of the hosts of Heaven and cast them down, out of Heaven.
The spirits who fought returned to the Father and the Mother and were greeted by the spirits who had chosen not to fight.
Heavenly Father began to speak again to those of His children that still remained, the sadness at such a great, if anticipated, loss of His children evident on His face.
“My great and noble Children.” He said, “I have more that I must ask of you.” We waited in strong anticipation.
“In the last days, before the second coming of your Lord and Redeemer, even Jesus Christ, my gospel, the gospel you have been learning here, the gospel and the knowledge you have obtained in this life will not be availible to you in the same way on Earth.
“I have chosen my leaders and my prophets.” Heavenly Father paused and called up great men and women to be great influences on the church and the world throughout all of time. “In the last days my gospel must be preached to the world. You will be called missionaries, messengers of the divine message of Christ. It will not be an easy task, you will be rejected, spit upon, and hated, but the reward will be great.” A heavy pause filled the heavens. “Who will go?”
Soon, one in every 50,000 spirits stood to volunteer to be the missionaries in the latter days. These were many of the Nobel and Great Ones.
Many many years later, the time came for Christ to go down into the world.
A great excitement was filling the Heavens, our Lord and our Savior was going down to live his life.
We said goodbye to our brother who we loved so much, but the great and last goodbye was that of the Father and of the Son.
“I will go down in your name, my Father,” Jesus promised before He left the Heavens for His earthly life.
We all watched His life with great intent, each of us knowing he would suffer and eventually die for us one day.
Near the end of His life, we watched as Christ suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane and cried with each drop of blood He sweat
We watched with mournful knowledge as He was lifted onto the cross and nailed to the wood planks, His head crowned with thorns.
And we watched, as He asked the Father, who wept with us, to forgive the sins of those who crucified Him. We watched as one solitary man, a man who was set to die that day, recognized the redeemer of the Lord and asked Him to remember Him in Heaven. We wept with the words our ever loving Christ said, “Together we shall meet in Paradise this day.”
And we watched for the six agonizing hours as He hung in pain after having suffered the tortures of the sins of the world, and the tortures of the men who had wrongfully imprisoned him. We watched as He finally called in a loud voice to the Father saying, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.” And He suffered no more.
Into Paradise our Savior went, but stayed not long. And for three days administered to those in prison and taught them and loved them and many remembered Him.
After three days our beloved Lord and Savior was reunited with His body, a glorified body.
Before He went down to the Earth, He asked His Father to leave the marks in His hands, feet, and side so that the children of men might know that they were a testament to all those who felt them and that they might know that He was indeed Jesus the Christ.
 It’s a long story, but I wrote it on Easter and I don’t know. It was emotional to write.

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