Rainy Days and Mondays

The only thing is that right now they’re not getting me down! 😀

Gotta love the Carpenters! Or is that Peter Paul and Mary?
ANyway… This week was interesting to say the least.
I don’t have a lot of time, but I’ll just give you an overview of what happened.
We taught West again and he actually listened the most that he’s ever listened to us! We are going to do a little family home evening with them today and we’ll see if West kept the commitment that we gave him to read and then we’ll make him progressing if he did! Which would be awesome! 
On Saturday we had a bit of a miracle happen. It won’t seem super big to you, but it was crazy to us. 
We have an investigator, Leo, who lives in this little town called Scharnstein and it’s in the middle of nowhere. He’d had a really hard week and had brought up some really rough things in his life. About five years ago he stopped drinking and stopped smoking and sold his sports car and then he met the missionaries later. 
But this week he called us drunk and he drunk texted us and he sent a message to Sister Judd saying he thinks of her as two different people and then he sent one to me that said (word for word) Grethings to Siter Ha(e)mag. He was drunk and even when he’s not he can’t say my name. 😀 
But he also smoked and said that it didn’t help him, but he was still really frustrated with himself. We decided that we were going to go down to Scharnstein, since we were planning on that anyway, and we wrote him letters with scriptures and such and included a letter that an Elder sent for him as well. Then we took the tiny little train down to Scharnstein and we knew we only had about an hour and a half to get from Banhof to Leo’s apartment to drop off the letters and then get back to Banhof so we could make the last train home. Otherwise we would be stuck in Scharnstein, which would not be good. So we get to this little town and we have no idea where we’re going, we just have the name of the street and we talk to these people in a gas station and they give us directions and we head out there. Sister Judd said that the last time they had come out there it had taken about forty five minutes to get out to his apartment, so we had no idea if we were going to make it, but we pressed forward, and by some miracle we ended up on the right street, heading down this long winding road and then we got to the apartment, after a close run in with some sheep, and then we dropped the letters in the mail box and headed back in record time. It took us maybe fifteen twenty minutes to get out there and fifteen to twenty minutes to get back. We got on the train and we headed back to Wels, it felt like we were on the Amazing Race! We went back to Wels (I’ll send a picture later of this one car train) and we gave out a book of Mormon to a man who was slightly drunk. 
But when we got back we planned and then as soon as we were finished planning we get a phone call. We look down and it’s Leo. 
So then we spend the next half hour talking to Leo. Apparently he had been in his apartment when we had gone by and he hadn’t heard us or his phone! But it was just this crazy little miracle and it felt so right and I don’t even know! But anyway. THat was the miracle story for this week. 😀 
While you were in the  temple I was on a miracle train! 😀
It’s really rainy here, it’s actually just super cloudy and chilly. I’m not wearing a jacket though. It’s not cold enough for that. We’re going to LInz to play tennis and so that’ll be fun! 
I’m going to write more later in actual letter, but I love you so much!
This week was kind of difficult just because of the amount of stress that we were in, oh and don’t worry that a member gave us a bike on Sunday that his grandmother rode for twenty something years and stopped riding when she was ninety two! Or that we forgot it at the church when we went to eat and that when we came back we discovered it had been stolen! Yeah, that was awkward… Val, his wife, said, “#*(% happens”
Well, I’ll say. 
But yeah, such is life. I guess. I just feel really bad that it had to happen hours after we got this bike, for free, from them. They were just willing to give it to us and this happens. Hopefully it’ll be better later! Love you!



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