Overcast and Cold in Austria!

It’s almost Mai and there is no sunshine and it’s actually pretty cold. Mostly because of the humidity. But that’s okay!

I’m writing so early because we were going to go to Salzburg today but because it’s so rainy it doesn’t make sense to go. We’ll probably go next week so that we can have the warmth accompany it as well. 
I’m really excited to go to Salzburg on a P-day because I’ve been there several times, but I just haven’t been able to see much because we’ve been going to Zone things. 
We had Zone Training so that’s why there aren’t any pictures from it. But there is Mission Tour on the eighth and we’re going to Wien which will be exciting. It’ll be a day trip. There’ll also be one of the seventy there, I’m not sure what his name is, but that’ll be fun. There’ll probably be pictures from that as well!
We were going to be going to Freiburg on Saturday and staying the night in Münchin, but unfortunately the baptism we were going to was cancled. But Sister Judd thinks the guy that was going to be baptized will be worthy some time this transfer. He just was a smoker and he thought that he would be able to smoke a little bit until he was baptized and then stop  after he was baptized. But unfortunately that’s not the case. But Sister Judd seems to think that it will happen soon, so that’ll be good. 
Last P-day when we went to Linz we didn’t actually play tennis. It ended up being more of a let’s eat and McDonalds kind of deal…Which is what the picture is of…my meatless hamburger…Well, they really take the nur ketchup thing seriously. 
I survived my first transfer though! Yay! Today is the first day of the new transfer and it’s really strange to think that this is six weeks! 
Sister Judd and I went to this little town called Vöcklabruck and we saw this church that was the city church until 1745 or something. I’ll send some pictures of that as well, it was actually really cool! So many interesting places. 
Okay, well, fail. You’ll just be getting actual pictures sent to you in a letter. 😀 
This week, we had an awesome experience! In preach my gospel it says that the best and most effective way to do missionary work is through the members and that if the members were to step up and do their job we would be doubling the number of baptisms we have in this church. That’s what President Hinkley said in a conference talk I think…But that’s why the Provo mission is the highest baptizing mission in the world, because they don’t go out and tract, they don’t go out and knock on doors, they operate fully and completely on member referrels. 
This week Sara, the bishop’s seventeen year old daughter and one of the ward mission leaders, gave us the name of a family that she baby sits for. They had offered her coffee and when she didn’t take any they asked why. When she explained that it was because of her religion and that she doesn’t drink alcohol, etc. they were interested. She gave them a pamphlet and our number and then when they hadn’t called us for about three weeks we dropped by. 
On the Klingle we said, “Hallo, wir sind die Missionarinen von die Kirche Jesu Christi. Die Sara hat gesagt das Sie haben interesse.”
The man on the kingle immediately let us in and we were talking to him. It was funny because we had just started a fast for our investigators just an hour before and he offered us water and we didn’t know what to do so we figured God would forgive us for taking the hospitality and drinking the water.  We were talking to him a little bit and we found out the he and his wife are religious. He actually said to us, “Yes, we’re Christian, so you got the basics figured out, it’s just the coffee that I’m concerned about.” (Note that this man is Austrian, his wife is American and they speak English at home so this was in English, which is weird). 
Sister Judd and I just stared at each other in shock! Can you say golden? This man basically said that the only problem that he could forsee was the coffee thing! Crazy! We have an appointment with them on Tuesday night and I hope that it goes well! 
I’m so excited!
He actually called us later and asked us if we could babysit after our meeting, but we told him we weren’t allowed to and he was disappointed. I don’t think that he thinks that we’re babysitters, just that he knows we’re from the same church as Sara and that means we’re trustworthy. 
I just was in absolute shock! 
But this is why the members are so important!
Okay, I have a commitment for you! Invite the missionaries over for dinner! Ask them how their lives are, ask them about their families, ask them about their investigators, ask them if there’s anything you can do to help them. Ask if they need any joint teaches! But the missionaries need the members! If you have any friends that aren’t members, talk to the missionaries about them! Use your family history skills! 
I just really want you to help the missionaries out on that side of the world!
Okay, Spiritual thoughts!
First from Elder Holland: 
“In this Church what you know will ALWAYS trump what you don’t know.”
I think a lot of the time we get caught up in what we don’t know, but honestly, it doesn’t matter how far it is to Kolob. All that matters is that you know that Christ died for you, that He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and he LOVES YOU!!!
Also, another great quote from President Harold B. Lee
“The most important of the Lord’s work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own homes.”
“We have been born, as Nephi of old, to Goodly parents who love the Lord.”
I really know that I was prepared because I had good parents. I’ve always been able to choose, always been able to go my own way, but I had parents who did their best to make sure that I went the right way. 
I think it’s hard sometimes for those people in the world who do the right things and they teach their children the way to live and their children still go along a different path, but Heavenly Father was perfect, He presented a perfect plan to His children and yet, He still lost a third of His children. Agency is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given us, and we use it and have used it from before the time that the world was. 
Every day in the mission field is really hard. It feels like you’re broken down to the smallest that you can be and at the end of the day your feet hurt and you don’t know if you’ll want to get up the next morning. 
It’s that way spiritually as well. Elder Holland said, “My faith has grown into a tree of life. If you’re lacking in faith, you can lean on mine.”
Sister Judd had an interesting comment regarding this, she said, “On your mission it just feels like you have no faith left because everyone takes a little bit here and a little bit there and pretty soon you feel like you have none left.” 
It really is true. You always seem to be scraping the bottom of the bucket of faith. But Christ some how made three loaves and seven fishes feed the multitudes, I think he can make my faith last a little longer. 
Love you!

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