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Okay, before I forget! Mothers day!!!!! I’m going to call at five my time, which will be like seven your time. So that means that you´re going to be getting an early morning Skype call! Okay, this is a pain because I can’t change this keyboard to English so the y and the y are switched. So…this is what’s going to happen. When you see a z that should probably be a y, then you’re just going to have to change that around. Sorry! And the ä is supposed to be an apostrophe. 

But yes, I’m very excited to see you on Sunday! It’s actually going to be really weird to be completely honest! 

Make sure that Katie’s there too! Don’t want to miss an opportunity to speak with all of you! It’ll be a little early, but hey, you get to talk to me for forty minutes!  ÖD—Okay, I can’t even do smiley faces….


Well, this week we really had an interesting experience! On Tuesday we went to the Bauers, the family is AMAZING!!!!! So…they are a part of a church that is based in Korea and it’s pretty small, but they haven’t been active in a long time because there’s been a power struggle with the leader in the last nine years, but the leader died last year and so now I guess it’s even worse than it was before. But their parents are still really active in it, but they are looking for a religion to identify themselves with. They made it very clear that they are just looking to learn more about the Church, but they were really interested. 

Emmanuel, the husband, was very interested in the structure of the Church. He wanted to know about the first presidency and the prophet and if we worshiped Joseph Smith and if we had a founder’s day etc. 

We tried to explain everything as best we could so that they could understand, and I explained more than I should have, but, it was okay cause they took it all in really well. 

Emmanuel asked if the Brethren had wives, and when we told him that they do and that family is very important for us, he said, ´´I can agree´… identify with that´´ It was really cool to see that in their minds being worked out. Because really, there is just so much about this gospel that we don’t realize that other people don’t know. 

But the lesson went really well and since it was a null lesson we made another appointment for the 22. She’s going to be in New York for two weeks, visiting her family and so we won’t be able to talk to them until then. But they truly are so amazing! I love them so much already and they have been prepared by the Lord for this gospel! 

Their church and their revelation that they had from it, called the Principle, is something that prepared them for accepting the Book of Mormon. I just am so glad that we have the chance to talk with them!

This week we also went to go talk with a less active member who is older and she’s not very happy with her life, but when we went to go speak with her this time she was a lot happier than before. We saw her walking outside as we were leaving her apartment because she wasn’t there, but she was returning as we were leaving and so we walked up with her and then she proceeded to get undressed, almost completely, before putting a shirt on and then a robe. But as soon as she was all adjusted she sat down and said, ´´Now, what does the Book of Mormon say about Hobbys.´´

We both sat there for a second thinking that we had misunderstood. But no, we hadn’t . 

After a very long conversation we learned that the Book of Mormon doesn’t allow for Hobbies, only things that are Notwendig. (necessary) After further conversation we learned that everything, including the television, is notwendig and that the only thing that is a Hobby is pets. So Sister Judd is a sinner for wanting a dog. 

But she’s just a sweet old lady from Bulgaria. It was just an interesting little week. 

There really isn’t anything else that you really want to hear about from our week. Lots of doors closed on us, canceled appointments, rainy weather…

I have some pictures from yesterday that I’m actually excited about! 

Yesterday we went to the Schmidls for lunch and the Schmidls are a big family, but we only ate with Papa and Mama Schmidl, all their kids are all grown up and have their own families. 

We also ate with Rahel and with her man friend Mario. Sister Judd and I think he’s in love with her, and she’s not really interested in him. 

But during our dinner meeting the Schmidls went to take a nap and so Rahel, Mario, Sister Judd, and I headed out on a walk looking at pheasants, cherry trees, and dead snakes. It was very fun, and I’ll send pictures. 

But yeah, that’s our lovely day yesterday. Not much else to really talk about!

Oh, but Erdapfel is the Austrian word for Potato. Literally an earth apple. But in Germany they call them Kartofel. So that’s exciting. 

Another cool little random fact, in Austria and Germany they wear their wedding rings on the right hand, if they’re on the left it means you’re engaged. Cool deal.

And Durndls too. If you tie the bow on the left you’re taken, on the right you’re single, and in the back you’re widowed. 

Interesting little cultural things to know and to learn! 

Love you So much!



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