Ukulele Lady!

Yep, that’s me! Ukulele Lady with the pink Ukulele that I bought today! We were in the store and it looked fun and it was cheap and I really wanted to plan an instrument since it’s allowed and so I  bought it! Now I just have to teach myself to play the Ukulele! And I have to tune it too!

But today we went to Salzburg and we went to the Salt Mine there. Which, guess what! That’s where the name comes from! SALZ is SALT!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!! Salt City!!!
Cool deal.
But yeah. And we went to Germany! 😀 Part of the mine is in German territory so I left the country today! Actually it was really quite cool! We went down into the mine on this car thing and then we walked a little ways and we actually went through this tunnel that was created like three hundred years ago.
But the tunnel has gotten smaller and smaller over the years because the pressure in the mine is so intense! The tunnels compress about a centimeter every year, which is a lot!
So…yeah. It was just a really interesting experience! I actually really enjoyed it. And we got to slide down these mine slides. It really an awesome experience. And we got on this little boat (which, as a missionary, you’re not technically supposed to do…but…yeah! And then we watched some videos about the Prince of Salzburg who owned the mine a long time ago.
I took a lot of pictures and I also took video, so I’ll send you my SD card and then you can watch the videos cause their too long to send over email without compressing the file and I don’t have the time or the capability here to do that.
I still am having the hardest time grasping that Katie’s moving to Houston! It’s just for the summer right?
It’s just so weird!!!
Oh, and I got your mother’s day present out today! So you’ll be getting that hopefully this week! No later than next, that’s for sure!
I’ll send you post cards that I bought from Salzburg!
Love you!

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