ANOTHER feier tag in Austria!‏

ImageOkay, so here is the thing, there are so many feier tags in the spring! They have one for forty days after Easter for when Christ ascended to heaven, today I think is for Pentacost…Iäm not entirely sure! 

Iäm on another computer that doesnät let me change the language for the keyboard, so Iäll try to get the y und zäs undercontrol, and I’ll try to get the apostraphe working too. But it’s hard cause you have to relearn the keys!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!


I got the Ensign this week! I was so excited! And the necklace is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I put it on right when I opened the letter and I’m also wearing it right now! Ö

We had an awesome week.

Wels is the place that when people talk about it, they say, ‘Wels has the GREATEST ward in the mission!’ It’s true! This ward is AMAZING!!!! But that’s where the talking about Wels stops. 

No one talks about how awesome the investigators are, how fantastic the finding is, or anything further than just, ‘Wels has a great ward.’ 


Sister Judd and I are determined to change that though. 

This week we found nine potential investigators. NINE!!!! That’s incredible for this area! We were one PU from the mission standards of excellence! AND we found a new investigator!

To start with the beginning of the week, we went to the Salt Mines on Montag, and that was really super cool. I’ll send you pictures in the next little while, once I can print them off when things are actually open!

Tuesday we went to Zone Training where we found out about the new Sister leadership position. Sister Training Leaders. Sister Smith and Sister Reid, in Neumarkt are the first Sister Training Leaders in the Salzburg Zone. 

On Wednesday we got up early and got on a bus to go out to this little Dorf called Efferding where we met with a woman named Romana. 
She’s super sweet, has two little boys, and she was investigating the church a few months ago when her boyfriend, who she lived with, broke up with her because he decided that he wanted to reactivate himself in the church and told her that if they wanted any chance of a future, she would need to join the church.
It never went anywhere because she told the Sisters before that she wanted them to go through her exboyfriend to make appointments.
We’ve had Romana’s name written down for several weeks and we’ve never called her. Then the Friday before last we called her and spoke to her and got an appointment for Wednesday.
We were thinking and praying about who we should bring with us for a joint teach and we had the impression to ask Claudia, a woman in our ward about the same age as Romana with three kids, one nineteen, thirteen, and six. 
On Wednesday we went to our appointment with Romana and we had an awesome lesson about the Restoration. Claudia bore awesome testimony and came prepared with a story and even pictures of Joseph Smith. 
We had planned to commit Romana to be baptized, but the spirit wasn’t right for it, and so we didn’t. 
We did invite her to come to church and to read in the Book of Mormon and when we asked her to read in the Book of Mormon she asked us how she should read to get a testimony. Should she read a chapter here and there throughout or should she read it from cover to cover.  It was an awesome moment to hear her say that. 
Thursday we went to Gmunden to visit a member, Val, who owns a cookie/bike shop entitled, Armadillo Bikes and Muffins. She has a facebook page, you could look her up. She said to identify yourself and she’d respond.
She showed us her perfume collection, and she was very proud of it. She also gave us some samples. 
I wish you could know some of these people!
Friday was hard, Saturday was rather uneventful, and Sunday was Sunday. 
And that my friends is the last week in the life of Lillie Marguerite Maren Hammock.



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