Bloom Where You’re Planted

ImageImageI’m convinced that I’m never going to see Summer again. 

It’s rained for the last three or four days and it hasn’t stopped. It’s also really cold. I’m wearing tights and my jacket and es ist ein bissien frisch!

I’ve gotten some really good use out of my umbrella!

The weather is not normal and no one knows what’s going on with it. 


A really cool experience we had this week, we got up early to go to Eferding so we could meet with Romana. We got off the bus and we were feeling really, blah. So we decided that we would sit on a bench, sing a song, pray, and then practice our lesson. 

So we sit down, sing “Praise to the Man” auf Deutsch, and we weren’t singing very loudly, but we noticed a woman sitting on another bench about a hundred meters away. Then we prayed and began going through our lesson, the plan of salvation.

Sister Judd then looked over at the woman on the other bench and said, “Maybe we should practice our lesson on her.” 

And so I stood up and walked over to the woman and said, “Entshuldigung. Können wir, unsere lektion mit ihnen uben? Wir komme aus Amerika und wir müssen diese lektion auf Deutsch geben.”

She looked at me and asked me what kind of a lesson it was, and we told her that we were missionaries.

She told us that her husband had died on 11 März and that she had cut off all things religous because of it. But she said that hearing us sing, and seeing us pray to God, had really been what she needed right then. She said that it brought peace to her soul and she felt better. 

We were supposed to have an appointment with her on Saturday, but she never showed up. But maybe one day she’ll remember the missionaries and she’ll take lessons. 

Our lesson with Romana went well, Romana is really the sweetest human being on planet earth. Her ex-boyfriend, though, is part of the reason that she won’t come to church. He just got a new girlfriend. JUST barely and that’s really hard for her, especially since this new girlfriend is active in the church and Romana is still taking lessons. But we hope that Romana’s not just taking lessons because she wants her boyfriend back. She really needs it, and she wants it, you can see it in her eyes. She’s truly amazing and I hope that she understands this gospel and gets baptized because she’s one of those people that will visibly see the difference in her life is she does these things. 

This last week and the week before we found nine potentials! So that’s eighteen in two weeks! That’s awesome, especially for Wels where we were lucky to find even two potentials for a week. We’re on fire! 

Yesterday during personal study I came across a line in an ansprache from General Conference and one line that really hit me was “Bloom Where You’re Planted.”

Especially out here in the mission field it’s really hard with not knowing if you’re going to be moved at the end of the six week period or where you’re going to be, if the area is going to be easy or hard or whatever. But the important thing is that you need to bloom where you’re planted. Not just grow. Not just sit in the dirt and refuse to grow, but to BLOOM! To live bright and cheerfully, to be happy and vibrant. 
That is probably going to be my motto for the next fourteen months! 

Okay, spiritual moments and quotes and thoughts and other such things are going to come in the following email, so just so you know you can put the next email up on the blog too.



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