Sister Hammock und den Watchturm‏

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Wels, Austria there lived a Sister Missionary named Sister Hammock. One day, after district meeting in Wels, Sister Hammock taushed with Sister Jaynes, a missionary serving in Linz, for the afternoon. The two went out and started knocking on doors and talking to people. Soon enough they were let in to a building and they began talk about their special message, but that it wasn’t like the Zeuge Jehovas. And they began to answer all of her amazing curious and probing questions, only to discover later that she was indeed, a Jehovah’s Witness…


Later that week, Sister Lin and Sister Hammock headed off to an appointment with a man named Toster (pronounced Toaster) a man from Nigeria who was interested in learning about the church and Jesus Christ. This man was mostly caught up in talking about how the people who claim to be Christian are actually corrupting the government and other such things. It was an interesting appointment for the two missionaries and they began to wonder how much interest this man actually had. 

(sorry I have NO time today so I’m just going to skip to the spiritual stuff)

“Since you know that the Lord always prepares a way to keep His commandments, you can expect that He will do that for each of you.” -President Eyring

“The Lord has promised you angels on your right and on your left, and He ALWAYS keeps His promises.” -Unknown




Sister Hammock und den betrunken Umzug‏


Once upon a time in a land far far away called Wels, Austria, there lived a Sister Missionary named Sister Hammock who used to speak Chinese, but then got her mission call to speak German. However, one day, this Sister received a call that she would be working with another missionary who was from Taiwan. Soon, Sister Hammock discovered that she could no longer speak very much Chinese. But all was well, because she realized that not everyone can understand the Austrian Dialect of German. 
But with her new companion, Sister Hammock found herself talking to many drunken people on the streets of Wels as her companion did not stop to consider the potential state of the teetering bleary-eyed strangers as they spoke to her.
But the people responded and the work moved forward. 
One day, Sister Hammock and Sister Lin had a plan go drop by on a past investigator who lived at Eferdingerstrasse 61 and so, off to Eferdingerstrasse in Neustadt the two Sisters went. 
They walked the long street all the way to the hospital, refound the street on the other side of the Autobahn and then found themselves at Eferdingerstrasse 59 and thought, Finally! We’re almost there! The Sisters passed Eferdingerstrasse 59 and a small field and looked for the number on the next building, only to be greeted with a very confusing paradox. The number on the next building was not Eferdingerstrasse 61 as would be expected, instead, it was Eferdingerstrasse 65. 
Thoroughly confused the two weary Sisters walked to Eferdingerstrasse 59 and klingled the building, and finally they were greeted by a sweet old woman who was thoroughly confused at the lack of Eferdingerstrasse 61, never having noticed that it did not exist. 
Feeling like she had just dropped into the Tales of Wayside Storey, Sister Hammock began to wonder about this idea. But the sweet old woman, Frau Staudt offered to take them further on Eferdingerstrasse which continued down even further across the autobahn again. And so further to Eferdingerstrasse 119 where they met a woman that had no idea where or who was supposed to be living in Eferdingerstrasse 61. And so on and so on until they finally gave up on the address. 
It was later that day that Sister Hammock realized that she had lost her planner and came to the conclusion that she had left it in Frau Staudt’s car. And soon after it was discovered that the planner was missing Frau Staudt called and said that the planner was discovered in her car. 
Feeling very grateful that the planner had been found, she felt grateful that she would not be lost with everything.
Sunday came around and Evas, a Persian investigator came to church, and it was cause for much rejoicing for the Sisters, despite the fact that teaching him was difficult because of his broken German. But all was well in Wels Austria with ten potential investigators found and seven Books  of Mormon given out. Despite the drunken parade. 

Sister Hammock und den Wein Kirsche‏

ImageOnce upon a time in a land far far away there was a Sister missionary in Austria. One day it started raining for hours and hours and everyone in the land began to wonder when it would stop raining. But for a week it rained and rained and would not stop. The lower parts of the land began to flood and the people were trapped in their houses. The flooding was so high that the water was high above the heads of even the tallest giants in the land. 

The people of Austria were in a panic, unsure as to what was going to happen. There was a tale of a flood that comes only once every hundred years, but a bad flood had swept through the valley just ten years before, but the water had not gotten this high. 

But soon the rain stopped after the trains were delayed and the tracks were flooded. 

For many days the people waited for the water to recede before they could leave their homes. Finally the water lowered and those who had been trapped on the upper levels of their homes or had fled before the flooding had gotten too bad were able to assess the damage. 
On a Wednesday, Sister Hammock and her companion Sister Judd received a call from a member in their small a ward in a little city called Wels. “I’m going to help out with the flooding relief, can you come?” He asked them desperately. “Yes, we can come!” The Sisters replied and they hurried home to change into flood relief clothes that come standard in every missionaries wardrobe.
Dressed in t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes the Sisters headed out to a small town on the outskirts of their area with the member to help with the flood relief. 
As they passed by fields they were astonished at the newly formed lakes that filled the fields that once had brand new, promising crops. Along the tree lines a grey line about twelve feet in the air marked the highest point of the water in the fields.
These two Sisters soon arrived at a small fire station in Upper Austria and were soon given fireman’s boots that were several sizes too big. The firemen and the other volunteers laughed behind their hands at the tool girls that were speaking in English quietly to each other, but who clearly spoke German. 
Soon enough they were piled into a small fire truck and were driven out on a windy road down a long path overlooking a new lake. Soon the truck stopped and all of the volunteers exited the tuck and discovered their path blocked by several inches of water. To walk through the water would mean to have water in their borrowed boots and they were unsure how they would arrive at their destination. 
The answer was soon provided as the rumbling of a tractor came through the water and picked up the volunteers to bring them to a small wooden canoe with a leak. 
Donning life vests the volunteers sat in the small boat as they were canoed across what had once been a bridge and all that was visible was the waist high railings on both sides. The trip was not long, but the missionaries quickly learned that it was important to balance out the weight on both sides so as not to tip over the rickety canoe.
“It’s like an Italian gondola!” One of the firemen rowing joked as the small group pulled up at the muddy remains of a pair of farm houses.
The missionaries spent the day cleaning out the house, pulling personal belongings that could still be saved from the house and throwing away that which could not be.

As word traveled that there were two girls from America helping out in the house, the other volunteers came and spoke to us using the English they knew. One man asked Sister Hammock, “Who is your guru?” Thoroughly confused, Sister Hammock asked the man what he meant. 

“What is your church association?” He asked, “Christian?”
Finally understanding what he meant, Sister Hammock replied with a nod and a strong, “Yes!”
“Jesus sent you to us!” The man replied. 
The rest of the day was spent shoveling mud, throwing away books, and making friends with the people the Sisters were working side-by-side with. 
After returning to the fire station the Sisters were given food and offered alcohol and coffee. Refusing politely several times did not seem to work, and only the firm declaration of, “We don’t drink coffee or alcohol gave them any peace from their new-found friends.
After resting from a long day of work and returning the boots to the firemen they were borrowed from, the missionaries said goodbye and were leaving to go home. “Wait!” One of the cooks called to the Sisters as they were getting into the car. He held out a jar of cherries and two small forks. Sister Judd and Sister Hammock took one each, Sister Hammock doing so grudgingly as she was not a fan of plain cherries. Popping it into her mouth, Sister Hammock was immediately accosted by a burning taste in her mouth and a sinking suspicion. “Was ist das?” She asked the man. 
“Ein Wein Kirsche.” He said. 
The suspicion confirmed, the Sisters were only left with the option to laugh and to  learn from experience. They did learn, to their blessed relief, that the cherries had only been soaked in wine and that the juice that had been packed in was merely juice.
The next day was spent much the same, cleaning an old farm house. Sister Hammock aided in the cleaning of a chicken coup and handled a dead chicken, sending a prayer up to the Lord to bless the chicken however chickens are blessed in heaven. 
But it was Friday that brought the greatest amount of anticipation. The transfer calls came in early that day. 
Sister Hammock answered the phone when the call came in, “Hallo, hier spricht die Sister Hammock.” 
“Sister Hammock, Sie bleiben in Wels und die Sister Lin kommt nach Wels.”
“Sister Judd, Sie geht nach Wien I mit die Sister Linford.”
Sister Judd and Sister Hammock were sad at the news that they would no longer be companions, but excited for the new adventure. Sister Hammock was especially excited to learn that Sister Lin, a missionary from Taiwan would be her companion. 
And the Sisters know that the adventure will continue until the end of their missions.
The end.
Sister Hammock


Thankfully woke up in the morning!

I hit my head on Saturday morning cause I was vacuuming under a window and I stood up and knocked my head on it. I had a small worry that I had a concussion because one pupil was bigger than the other, and I had a bad headache, but it all turned out okay. It was actually kind of weird going to sleep on Saturday and thinking, I could just not wake up in the morning. 
But I did and so it’s all good. I still have a bump on my head, but other wise I’m good. Don’t worry. I’ve got a hard head. Remember, it dented the hood of a car, so I think I’m okay. 😀 
Oh, but I’m not really sure what else to say about my week! It wasn’t particularly exciting! We ran out of money because our travel expenses were so high this month and we were both late turning in our reimbursements. So if you look at my bank account, that’s why. But it’s okay, cause I just have to repay myself the personal money that I used. 
But it was hard because I wasn’t just paying for myself, I was paying for both Sister Judd and I because her personal bank card expired and so she had no personal money. It was rough there for the week. But it’s okay, it’s all figured out, thankfully, 
But yeah. I just realized that this week will be my four month mark on my mission! That’s so weird! 
A lot of the time it still feels like it’s February or March and then I realize that it’s June and I start freaking out because it doesn’t make sense! 
But anyway, it’s all good. 
Oh, but we have mold on our ceiling. It’s disgusting. It’s actually really stupid because we don’t have any ventilation in that part of our apartment because of the disaster that is the layout. All of out windows are on the opposite side of our apartment and we can’t open our front door, which is right next to the bathroom because our whole apartment smells like smoke. It’s just a disaster.
So I spent Saturday morning cleaning mold off the ceiling because Sister Judd is too short to reach the ceiling. I was doing what I call Bathroom Acrobatics. 
There’s the uneven bars, (the rim of the tub and the chair, the bar and a half (the rims of the tub, including the one against the wall, the switch (the switch between the tub and the chair), the balance beam (standing on just the one side of the tub), and the mounts and dismounts. It’s all very scientific. 
Anyway. It was an interesting little day. 
Transfer calls are Friday. We’re kind of nervous about it. This time around we don’t have the security of trainer and trainee to buffer the call. Anything could happen really. It’s kind of crazy! I’m wondering what will happen! 
So, there have been a couple of missionaries that came to Wels and didn’t leave for several months, the longest I heard was nine months. When I first got the Wels I thought to myself, Just wait, you’re gonna be that missionary that gets stuck here. And I was really angry about it! I kept thinking, I do not want to stay here! But now that there’s the possibility that I’m going to leave I’m afraid! I actually feel like I know the ward, they understand me, I can talk to them, I know who they are, I feel like they like me, and it’s all very great. I don’t want to leave! 
But just so you’re aware, because of transfer calls, don’t send anything through the mail past Thursday this week until you hear from me on Monday if I’m staying or leaving, cause there’s no guarantee that I would get it for a while. Oh, my goodness! But the stress of not knowing is killing me! 
Sister Judd thinks that she’ll probably leave, I don’t know what I think will happen. But you know, it’s what the Lord knows is best and the only thing that we can pray for is that President Miles will be correctly inspired as to what he should do, whatever that might be.
Okay, so I don’t know if you pay attention to the news about Austria, but it’s pretty much not stopped raining for the last five days and there’s flooding all over Austria. We slept in Linz last night and so we left Wels at about 8:15 and there are people everywhere through Bahnhof. We got to our Gleis and there was a train that was just packed full of people heading to Wein and so we got on it because it went through Linz and we were talking to the people on the train and there were people that had been on a train from Frankfurt to Wein, a direct train (can you imagine!? That would be a long train ride!). And something had happened to their train because of the flooding and so they had to get off their train and get on this other one. All the seats were filled, all the cabins were filled, the doors of the cabins were open so that people could stand in them and we were standing in the crowded hall of the business class section and it was ridiculous! 
But the Donau is flooded over, houses are flooding, the streets are flooding, the fields are flooding, my shoes are flooding.
It’s just crazy how much water there is. It’s supposed to rain through Thursday I think and then stop for a couple of days and then start raining again. I think Wein is pretty flooded too. A member showed us a video of the Donau in some place that I can’t remember and there was just several inches of water flooding the sidewalks, going into kellers, and the river is just going so crazy and so fast and it’s so high. 
It was raining harder in Wels when we left last night than it was in Linz and it’s not raining too bad here right now, but I wonder how it’ll go when we get back home this afternoon. We’ll just have to wait and see. 
I’m just wondering how bad it’s going to get. This is just unprecedented weather we’re having. It’s crazy. 
I don’t know what else to tell you this week…hmmm…Just transfer calls this Friday! Can you believe I’m already almost done with my second transfer!? When you look at your mission in terms of transfers it’s pretty much non-existent. 
Well, we’ll see really what happens in the next couple of weeks! I forgot my little book today, it’s at the Sister’s Apartment here in Linz, we slept over there last night and we stayed up pretty late. So I’m really tired. I’m so going to bed early tonight. 
I just heard that Passau is flooded. Well, that’s fun. 😀 
We’ve gotta try and get some preparations made just in case our water gets contaminated. That’s a possibility. 
Well, if it gets any worse then we’ll see what happens with Missionary work!
Well, I love you!