Sister Hammock und den betrunken Umzug‏


Once upon a time in a land far far away called Wels, Austria, there lived a Sister Missionary named Sister Hammock who used to speak Chinese, but then got her mission call to speak German. However, one day, this Sister received a call that she would be working with another missionary who was from Taiwan. Soon, Sister Hammock discovered that she could no longer speak very much Chinese. But all was well, because she realized that not everyone can understand the Austrian Dialect of German. 
But with her new companion, Sister Hammock found herself talking to many drunken people on the streets of Wels as her companion did not stop to consider the potential state of the teetering bleary-eyed strangers as they spoke to her.
But the people responded and the work moved forward. 
One day, Sister Hammock and Sister Lin had a plan go drop by on a past investigator who lived at Eferdingerstrasse 61 and so, off to Eferdingerstrasse in Neustadt the two Sisters went. 
They walked the long street all the way to the hospital, refound the street on the other side of the Autobahn and then found themselves at Eferdingerstrasse 59 and thought, Finally! We’re almost there! The Sisters passed Eferdingerstrasse 59 and a small field and looked for the number on the next building, only to be greeted with a very confusing paradox. The number on the next building was not Eferdingerstrasse 61 as would be expected, instead, it was Eferdingerstrasse 65. 
Thoroughly confused the two weary Sisters walked to Eferdingerstrasse 59 and klingled the building, and finally they were greeted by a sweet old woman who was thoroughly confused at the lack of Eferdingerstrasse 61, never having noticed that it did not exist. 
Feeling like she had just dropped into the Tales of Wayside Storey, Sister Hammock began to wonder about this idea. But the sweet old woman, Frau Staudt offered to take them further on Eferdingerstrasse which continued down even further across the autobahn again. And so further to Eferdingerstrasse 119 where they met a woman that had no idea where or who was supposed to be living in Eferdingerstrasse 61. And so on and so on until they finally gave up on the address. 
It was later that day that Sister Hammock realized that she had lost her planner and came to the conclusion that she had left it in Frau Staudt’s car. And soon after it was discovered that the planner was missing Frau Staudt called and said that the planner was discovered in her car. 
Feeling very grateful that the planner had been found, she felt grateful that she would not be lost with everything.
Sunday came around and Evas, a Persian investigator came to church, and it was cause for much rejoicing for the Sisters, despite the fact that teaching him was difficult because of his broken German. But all was well in Wels Austria with ten potential investigators found and seven Books  of Mormon given out. Despite the drunken parade. 

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