Sister Hammock und den Watchturm‏

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Wels, Austria there lived a Sister Missionary named Sister Hammock. One day, after district meeting in Wels, Sister Hammock taushed with Sister Jaynes, a missionary serving in Linz, for the afternoon. The two went out and started knocking on doors and talking to people. Soon enough they were let in to a building and they began talk about their special message, but that it wasn’t like the Zeuge Jehovas. And they began to answer all of her amazing curious and probing questions, only to discover later that she was indeed, a Jehovah’s Witness…


Later that week, Sister Lin and Sister Hammock headed off to an appointment with a man named Toster (pronounced Toaster) a man from Nigeria who was interested in learning about the church and Jesus Christ. This man was mostly caught up in talking about how the people who claim to be Christian are actually corrupting the government and other such things. It was an interesting appointment for the two missionaries and they began to wonder how much interest this man actually had. 

(sorry I have NO time today so I’m just going to skip to the spiritual stuff)

“Since you know that the Lord always prepares a way to keep His commandments, you can expect that He will do that for each of you.” -President Eyring

“The Lord has promised you angels on your right and on your left, and He ALWAYS keeps His promises.” -Unknown




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