Sister Hammock und die Taufe, die Farrhad, und die waschen machine‏

Well, I had a crazy week! We got a new washing machine because our old one decided to call it quits and die.

And so we had to go and purchase a brand-spanking new washing machine that seemed so nice and shiny and new. Until it was delivered and it cost thirty extra euro to have it installed. Poop.

So Elder Weidman came and installed it until we discovered that we needed an adapter for the water thingie thing. And so we headed out to the Bauhaus on the other side of town to buy the part that we needed. But then, guess what happens. We bought the wrong part. Poop again.

And so then it was Elder Weidman who went to the Bauhaus to get the part that we needed and yesterday we had a new working washing machine! Yay!

Or so we thought.

We set it up, put some much needed laundry in and headed downstrairs to try and fix the bikes that we had so that we could ride them and not die. (I rode a bike for the first time in a LONG time yesterday!) When we returned from our little frustrating excursion with the bikes we returned to find our apartment flooded. 

The pipe that drains the water came out and it got soapy water everywhere.

And so we fixed the pipe, and cleaned up the water and ran another load only to have another part of the washing machine leak….


Well, we won’t have a working washing machine till Friday and I don’t know what to do. 


Last Wednesday night, while I was on austaush with Sister Jaynes and it was Sister Allman in Munich! So we set up a time to skype with one of their investigators who is from Taiwan and got baptized on Sunday. So, we ended up going to Munich last minute for the baptism and we got stuck outside in the pouring rain. We were trapped outside the Sister’s apartment because they were at a lesson at the Mission Home with the Miles with one of their investigators and Sister Miles brought them home at like 10! But the baptism was nice. The girl was actually baptized ten years ago into our church, but was never confirmed. Super cool. She came out of the water and was crying and there was a little three year old girl who was watching it and after she came out of the water, the girl, in English, screamed, “That was so COOL!”

It was super cute!

Angela is just one of those golden investigators that came to church three weeks ago and told the missionaries she wanted to take the lessons. 

Super cool right?!?!?!
And then on Monday we had to go to Wien to pick up sister Lin’s visa because she has to go to the police station in Wels to prove that she’s legal to be here because they’re doubting if she is legal. 
But we missed the open hours by a minute. THey were closing the doors right as we walked in so we have to go again tomorrow and pick it up then.
But it’s all good because we have summer cards and so we can get on any train anywhere for free. So that’s nice. 
Oh, but it’s just been a stressful week. But that’s okay. At least we have a good deal of humor to light our way. 



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