24 August 2013

Well, this week did not go as expected! We have a baptismal date set for the 24th of August!!!!! YAY!

His name is Michael and he’s baptist and just incredibly knowledgeable. 

The Linz Elders contacted him on the street and he asked them who Melchezedek was and he knew all about tithing and that the money should go to God and not to the church.
We met with him and he pulled out a marked up copy of the Book of Mormon  in Romanian and said he’d had it for a few years. I just was sitting there in my chair incredulous. 
He said he needed a month to read through the Book of Mormon to know if it’s true. He says that he believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and in our lessons with him he quotes from the parts of the Book of Mormon that he’s read. He’s not reading it straight through, rather studying it. He was ‘teaching’ us about when Jesus showed Himself to the Nephites and they touched the prints in His hands and His feet and in His side and that He gave Nephi the power to baptize. 
It’s all very interesting with him. He says that the Book of Mormon is too easy for him to read. It’s like the bible. We’re loving it.
Yesterday Toster, pronounced wie toaster, came to church with his wife. It was very interesting. He’s from Nigeria and she’s from Wels and it’s just an interesting little group of people that we’re teaching. 
But it’s just crazy to have a baptismal date! That’s something I haven’t had on my mission and so it’s really really exciting to have an actual goal to work toward. But as far as the rest of our week, it wasn’t all that exciting.
Just the usual of things to do. 
And I found out, a couple weeks ago, something really interesting and funny schau:
Besonderes Sister Judd…
Love you all!
THank you for your prayers and support! 

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