Google Translate

Well, it’s great when I know that you all have Google translate to help you with the little German words that I slip in sometimes. 

Okay, Missionary German 101:

Weniger Aktiv: Less Active
Untersucher: investigator
Schriften: Scriptures
Schriftstelle: Scripture (wie a passage of scripture)
Mitglied: Member
Zeugnis: Testimony
GMK (Gemeinde Missions K…): Ward Missionary …
Gemeinde Rat: Ward Counsel
GML (Gemeinde Missions Leiter): Ward Mission Leader
How to bear your testimony simply:

Ich weiß dass mein Erlöser lebt.
I know that my Savior Lives.
Ich weiß dass das Buch Mormon war ist. 
I know that the Book of Mormon is true.
Ich weiß dass Thomas S. Monson ein heutige Prophet ist. 
I know that Thomas S. Monson is a modern day Prophet. 

Ich hoffe daß es gehts euch gut und dass ihr glücklich seid. Es geht`s mir gut, und die Mission tue mi gut!
I hab gerade in dialekt getyped. 
Öber ´Österreich hat ein sehr gutes dialekt!
Zum Beispiel, i hab ist wie ich habe für Hoch Deutsch. Aber, es gehts schon. Wie ist alles zu Hause? Ich bin einfach neugerig weil es ist ein neues woche! 
I mog di!

Well, that was a fun little German lesson! I kept it pretty simple, See how much you can figure out and see what it all is! 
Oh, life is good here in the mission! We had three investigators at church, Toster’s wife Gunda wasn’t there yesterday like she was last week, she’s in Croatia on vacation. 
The Bauers texted us in GMK and they said that they want to come to church next Sunday! FINALLY!!!!! AND THEY TOLD US!!!1
Oh, it’s so cool!

Saint Jaynes cut my hair this morning so that was exciting. We had a good time. 

Well, I don’t really know what else to say…this week nothing really interesting happened and I’m not really feeling very funny today, so…yeah. 😀 I love you all, I hope you know that I love you all! I hope that everything is going okay and that you’re all happy and knowing that, even though some things are harder than others. I know that you’re doing great things at home and I hope that everything’s going well there!
Love you!

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