Donner and Blitzen

As I’m writing this letter, an awesome Austrian thunderstorm is coming our way! Gotta love Austria! The crazy thing is that I live here, in Austria, a place where some people only dream of visiting, and instead, I’m actually LIVING HERE!

It’s pretty interesting, but you know, life is good and things are all good too! 
It’s interesting because I realized the other day that I don’t really remember what life is like in the ‘real world’. I don’t remember what it’s like to sleep in, or what it’s like just to do nothing and to have nothing planned, and to have the option of doing nothing. My days are constantly going, going, going, but it’s normal now. 
Strange huh?
This last week was interesting. I was on Austausch (splits? Exchange? I’m not entirely sure what it is in English…) with Sister Jaynes in Linz, and so I wasn’t really in Wels for much of the week, but it was great, we had fun, met a lot of awesome people, saw some great miracles.
Then, on Thursday, we tausched back, and Sister Lin and I went to the ward activity in the Steyr, which is…about an hour and a half away from Wels. We went with the Weidmans and we met with the rest of the ward members. The funny thing about it was, that Sister Lin and I were in our normal missionary clothes. THe rest of the ward was in jeans and hiking tennis shoes…well, we still went on the hike, in church clothes. 😀 I’ll send you the pictures of the falls next week because my camera broke this week and I don’t have my sd card with me. 
After the hike we went to the main area.
I got to do one of the most Austrian things that anyone can do. Kneipping. A very interesting little action. You walk through really really cold water and it’s supposed to be really really healthy. You can google it, but it was created by someone named Kneipp. 
It was very very interesting! Hannah Fuchs and I went through the water a few times, and when I say cold, I’m not saying a little cold, I’m talking about 10 grat. It’s COLD!!!!!
But apparently it’s healthy!
Well, I love you all! 

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