Augsburg, Germany is a large ward in the northern part of the Munich stake and is the new home of Sister Lillie Hammock. 

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Lillie Hammock
Josef-Piller Straß
e 30 

Augsburg, Deutschland

Friday morning when I got the call, I definitely wasn’t expecting to go to Germany. Nor was I expecting to feel the level of sadness that I felt. I’ve spent four transfers, the equivalent of six months, in Wels. That means there were a lot of friendships made, a lot of people found, and a lot of people I’m really going to miss.

I’ve been trying to say good-bye to all of our investigators, the ones that I’m really going to miss. And I managed to get a picture with Toster and his wife Gunda:Inline image 1 

Toster is a character.  His wife is awesome.

I also had to say goodbye to the Lehmanns yesterday. (The Bishop’s family):Inline image 2
Inline image 5
Inline image 6
 Top: Simon, Tobias, Bishop, Sara, ich.
Middle: Sara und ich.
Bottom: ‘American Excited Face’ picture

Sara is going to be an awesome missionary one day. She’s got a couple of years, but she’s gonna be fantastic! She comes on splits with us all the time and she’s going to be one of the people from Wels that I miss the most. But we’ll keep in contact. 

But I know that Augsburg is going to be great, there’s a reason that I’m going there, the Lord knows everything. He’s putting me where I need to be, but I will never forget Wels. 

“Those who diligently labor, knowing that the Master will give them whatever is right, and, with thought for the work rather than the wage, shall find themselves more bountifully enriched.” -James E. Talmage Jesus the Christ

Talmage wrote this little line after referencing a discussion with the Disciples over their reward that they would receive from their service as Apostles of the Lord. The Lord made it clear that the reward would be greater when they did the work without the thought of the reward. 
This week I’ve been thinking about that, thinking about how much the work has affected me. Not because I’m on a mission, but because of the work that I’ve put into serving the people around me. The work that I’ve put into learning the gospel and helping people to understand the gospel. I will be eternally (literally) grateful for this opportunity to come on my mission. 
I know that the Lord called me to be in Wels for the last six months for a reason, and I don’t think that reason was for the investigators. I realized yesterday, after church, that maybe I was called on my mission to help the members. Which in some ways, makes leaving that much harder. 


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