They Don’t Baptize in China

Well, last week, after emails, was jump started by some serious excitement. Sister Christianson and I went to the church to drop a couple of things off at the church so that we could go do our proselyting hours in a place that we call Africa City (there are a lot of Africans there). We dropped the things off in the church and heard voices. We walked through to try and determine who the Elders were teaching, especially when we heard Chinese. 

Our footsteps were heard and the Elders came out and invited us into the lesson they’d been having. 

There’s a woman in our ward, Schwester Gebauer, who is from Taiwan and she is an awesome missionary. She always finds Chinese people that are interested in the gospel. This man had heard her talking about the church and had told her that he wanted to learn more. So she called the Elders up and brought him to the lesson. He speaks NO English and NO German. 

He’s from Mainland China and going back in two weeks. He wants to be baptized. 

But they don’t Baptize in China. 

We took over teaching the lesson from the Elders and taught him for another two hours or so. We covered the first three lessons and Schwester Gebauer translated for us. 

He was very excited about learning and he talked about how he felt the spirit and how he had always wanted to know where he could find the Book of Mormon because he’d seen it before. He wants so badly to be baptized!

But they don’t baptize in China. 

And so, Sister Christianson and I called President Miles to try and decide what we should do. This man, Herr Ding, is sincere, he prayed at the end of the lesson and Schwester Gebauer said it was an awesome prayer. She translated and it was so beautifully simple. 

President Miles said that he would get back to us and let us know how we should proceed.

Cause they don’t baptize in China. 

On Thursday, after an Austaush in Augburg (I stayed here and got lost) with President Packer’s granddaughter, the phone started ringing. 

Miles, President it said when I opened the phone. 

“Hallo, hier spricht die Sister Hammock.” I said, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. 

“Hallo, Sister Hammock, hier ist der Präsident Miles.” He said, “I just got done speaking with the Mission President in France, and he told me that they have lots of Chinese speaking missionaries who are teaching students from China in their mission. They don’t baptize in China. So teach him and baptize him and quick as you can.”

They don’t baptize in China.

But they baptize in Augsburg!

Herr Ding will probably be baptized on the 28th of September and confirmed the following day!

The excitement is great! 

Kamanda came to church yesterday and it was awesome! He LOVES it and he stayed after for a couple hours to play kicker with the kids and with Br. Gunther, who is IMPOSSIBLE to beat! I don’ t know how this man does it! He just beats out everyone!

John and Moses (the Brothers), where baptized a couple of weeks ago and they were playing basketball with the kids and it was awesome. No one even seemed to remember my talk that I gave. 😀 Yay!

But you know, it’s all good and dandy! Gotta love giving talks in Sacrament meeting. In another language. 

But my German has gotten a lot better than when I was new. People understand me, I understand them, the people are REALLY easy to understand here, so that’s great. 

I’ve just seen so many miracles this past week it’s just crazy! I’m just so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to be here and to serve! I’m learning so much!

Sister Christianson (aus Orem) and I have a great time together, and our companionship studies are so cool! We’re both reading in Jesus the Christ and we’ve found so many interesting things that seemed to have been hidden before. 

But today I read the most heartbreaking (literally) thing ever. 

Christ died on the cross of a broken heart. 

He suffered a painful agony that goes beyond mortal comprehension and he suffered so much for the people because of all the things that we’ve done and will have done. I was just struck with the simple desire to make His heartbreak a little lighter. He already suffered for my sins, but I just hope they weren’t so great that they caused a large burden on Him as He suffered in Gethsemane and on Calvary. 

But how grateful I am that He died for me. And because He died and rose again, I too can rise from the dead, a glorified resurrected being, clean from sin because of His infinite Atonement. 

Remember what He did for you, His heart literally broke for you. Make your life worthy of that sacrifice. 




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