Open Doors, Prepared Italian

This week Sister Christianson had this great idea that we should eat lunch at the church so that we can leave the doors open. We’d been having random experiences with people walking into the church when the doors were open and so we decided that an hour, or two when we do language study, would be a good idea. 

So, starting last Wednesday we went to the church and cooked pasta. It took the water FOREVER to boil and so it was really frustrating because we were running out of time. But FINALLY the water was hot enough for us to put the pasta in and we made our lunch and we finished eating and were cleaning up and washing the dishes when we saw a man walking to the church.

The Augsburg church is huge and has two floors and is big and white and a small gate around it. There’s a big yard that’s been torn up by all of the creepy crows that are here in Southern Germany (I’m trying to convince myself that they’re fulfilling the measure of their creation in some way, even if it’s just to provide fear and entertainment to millions in the form of an Alfred Hitchcock film)

As we were standing in the kitchen and saw this man I ran out and called after him because he was walking away. He came back and I discovered that he was Italian and that he speaks very little German and even less English.
Thankfully, he speaks Spanish and Sister Christianson lived in Guatemala for a summer. I’m just really glad that the word for prostate is the same in every language, because now I know that this poor man has a prostate problem in a country far from home and his wife got mad at him and shut off all of his bank cards and he won’t have any money till Wednesday. 
We gave him the left over pasta (there was A LOT) and we had a member talk to him in Italian. He seems unashamed to tell EVERYONE that his prostate is bigger than it should be. 
Poor Elder M is new and can’t understand very much German and he said the other day, “Poor guy, he’s got a prostate.”
And I, being myself said, “You have one too, Elder.”
Poor kid.
But, needless to say, A, from Italy has been eating with us every day and knows A LOT about our church and the temple in Rome. He knows a lot about chapels in random places and he’s awesome! We’re hoping that when he goes back to Italy on Wednesday that we can send the missionaries to him. We’ve given him a book of Mormon and he told us today that he thinks of it as a very good book. He really likes it and he’s read a little.

I’m going to miss this little Italian man with the prostate problem. 

This week we met with K again, he’s awesome. The only problem is that the Zeuge Jehovas got to him first and all of his ideas of the bible are gemisched! I just think that the most logical explanation is that we were SUPPOSED to come out of the garden, otherwise we would still be stuck in heaven twiddling our thumbs, waiting for them to eat of the fruit. 
But the crazy thing is that, if you look at the bible passage it says:

17 But of the atree of the bknowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the cday that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely ddie.

God doesn’t say, I command you to eat of the fruit. He just says, when you eat that, you’re going to die.
And he doesn’t say, IF in the day that thou eastest thereof, he says, FOR IN. God knew that it was going to happen because it was supposed to. It makes perfect sense. 

This week was we went to a less active member’s house, Schwester H. When she was sixteen she and her friend saw this missionaries walking around their town and were curious, but were too nervous to do anything on the street so they followed the missionaries home and klingled them and told them they wanted to learn about the gospel. 
Can you imagine that!? It would be crazy!
She got married when she was nineteen to a man that was twelve or thirteen years older than she was and then she divorced him because he wasn’t a very good man, and then she married the missionary that baptized her. He was also not a very good man-unfortunately. 
So, she basically hates men. but LOVES America and loves English. But she’s Austrian and she asked me where I served in Austria. When I told her I served in Wels she sat down and said, “You’re kidding me.”
She grew up in Wels, on a street I know very well. She was so EXCITED!!!!
She’s awesome. She’s going to move to America in the next month or so to be with her kids and grandkids in North Carolina. We gave her a copy of Jesus the Christ in English because her English is perfect. She’s so great!

Okay, spiritual thoughts:
This week, Sister Christianson and I were talking about other religions and she said something really interesting. “It’s like a bunch of people with blindfolds on trying to convince us that there’s no sun!”
And it’s so true! There is a Son, and it’s so easy to see, but people block themselves away from it!
“Some people try to use the bible to support what they’re saying, but we use what we’re saying to support the bible.”-Elder Hansen (district Leader)
“It doesn’t matter how right you are, if they feel unloved, then you’ve failed.” -Sister Christianson’s Mom

Love you all so much!

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