Heimabendmalsversammlung‏ (translation- Family Home Evening meeting time)

Due to the short amount of time that I have today, due to Oktober Fest, I will  be writing a short email today. 

Yesterday we received quite a shock when the bishop read a letter signed by the First Presidency in the combined Relief Society Priesthood session in church.The letter stated that due to the financial difficulties in some areas of the world to come to church, the Church is implementing a pilot program in certain wards where they can do sacrament meeting at home. 

The shock in the room was palpable. Bishop said that the program was freiwillig (you can choose? Not sure what the direct translation of that would be…) (voluntarily)

Then he said that the stake president had asked our ward if we would be willing to try it out. He pulled out a box that the First Presidency had sent to him that contained a sacrament cup holder, a packet of pre-blessed bread, and a bottle of pre-blessed water. 

Sister Christianson leaned over to me and asked me, ‘Do you think that they’re expecting an apocalypse?’

Everyone in the meeting was confused. They all sacrifice so much to come to church every week, some driving two and a half hours to come to church and everything they thought they knew was being torn away.

The members began to defend their right to come to church and their right to come to be with the other saints. 

After a long discussion the bishop took the paper that had been read and tore it in half. All of us sat there in shock, unsure what to think. ‘This isn’t real.’ He said. 

He had made it up so that everyone would realize the importance of coming to church this next Saturday and Sunday because of General conference. 

Oh, it was crazy! It made me respect the bishop so much more! But I was so confused and depressed and I didn’t like this idea at all! 

Love you!




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