They Are Mine

As a missionary we’re called to do the Lord’s work, called to be the deliverers of glad tidings (not just once a year, but all day, everyday.) I never knew what being a missionary actually meant before I came on my mission. I never knew what being a missionary was until I BECAME one. 

It’s taken me almost nine months to realize that sometime in the process I became a missionary, a servant of the Lord, an Engel delivering the tidings of a life here-after, with our families, forever. 

But I’ve discovered that in the light of the Lord’s love, I have never been happier. 

I’ve never questioned myself so much, never been so unsure of myself and my abilities, but I’ve also never been so close to the Lord. 

In Germany and Austria there are many tunnels that one must pass through while traveling by train. Depending on the size of the mountains crushing down on this small space carved by skilled hands, the tunnels could be long, or they could be short. Many feel the pressure on their ears as the air pressure changes, and it’s almost as if the world is pushing down on you physcially. 

This past weekend we were in Munich for Pfahl Conference where 46 missionaries were present. The hottest topic in the church was discussed, referencing the 80,333 missionaries in the world. And the 15 million MEMBER MISSIONARIES. 

But I was just thinking about the awesomeness of this work and how great it is that I have the opportunity to be here on my mission. I’ve gone through many tunnels on my mission, figuratively and literally. But you know, the great thing about the Lord is that He’s not the light at the end of the tunnel. He’s the light that’s right there next to you that gives you the courage to keep moving forward and to keep going and to make it through the tunnel. 
Love you! 


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