This week I learned a very valuable lesson, a lesson about being very aware of false cognates.

We were at a Relief Society activity on Tuesday and I was speaking in German without trouble, I communicate relatively well and I rarely make mistakes, and if I do, typically they’re grammatical. But on Tuesday, while speaking with our pregnant Relief Society President about sugarless Kool-aid I said the following:

Kool-aid, ohne Zuckar, schmeckt wie Fruchtwasser.

Which, directly translated into English is:

Kool-aid, without sugar, tastes like Amniotic Fluid.


Frau Hasenauer came to church on Sunday!!!! We were all very excited when she came, for all three hours of church!

Oh goodness! It was so AWESOME! She loved it! And she commented in Sunday School and then she sang in Sacrament meeting and it was just so incredible!

We’re going to commit her to a specific baptismal date on Wednesday!

Please pray that she’ll be open to it and that she’ll want to get baptized!

Wir drucken unseren Daumen!

We also gave a Book of Mormon to Meli, the eight-year old daughter of Mario. She LOVED it! She read from it with us and she was just holding it so close! She was so excited to have her very own book! 😀


In the front of my planner this transfer I have many scriptures written down for my personal motivation, but the one that’s the most stunning to me right now is found in Doctrine and Covenants 128:22

“Go foward, not backward. Courage Brethren, and on, on to the VICTORY!” 

These words are motivating, and keep me pushing forward to the victory! Whether that be the final victory, or merely small victories along the way.
I feel like life is like that, always. It’s never just one day you’ve suddenly conquered every enemy you’ll ever face. Instead life is just a long story book of adventures, some lasting longer than others. I’ve found myself on so many journeys in the last ten months I can’t imagine my life now without them.
I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about the many little victories I’ve had over the course of the last ten months, things that have brought me happiness, sadness, joy, laughter, peace, pain, confusion, hope, faith, love, anger, charity.
I could probably write a book filled with these experiences. I could tell you how each journey felt, and I could tell you how I thought that I might not make it through many of them.
But instead of turning back I’ve been looking forward, forward to tomorrow, foward to brighter days not filled with German overcast. But each day is it’s own little victory.
But every single victory takes time, patience, work, dilligence, faith, hope.
And courage.
When I think about the man that wrote those words in Doctrine and Covenants, I think of courage. Joseph Smith was a man filled with courage, a man who had courage to the end.
I doubt, and I surely hope that none of our ends are as tragic as his, but I hope that we all remain courageous till the end.
Courage Brethren! On, On to the victory! 



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