The Errand of Angels

Wow, this week went by in a blur!!!!!
To start off, I am staying in Augsburg for a fourth transfer, beginning it today with my 11th month mark!
This week was a week of miracles! We set a baptismal date for one of our investigators Steven who is from Sierra Leone. He’s really excited, the biggest thing that’s going to be holding him back is the language barrier. He speaks English, but he has a hard time understanding us sometimes.
We had a fun Silvester (New Years Eve in Germany) celebration with Sister Müller-Kladiwa, her mother and her grandkids. We got permission to stay out late and we were out late!
You know you’ve been a missionary for a while when your contacts start falling out of your eyes at 10:45 PM…Which then resulted in blindness…which then resulted in Schw. MK pulling out four pairs of glasses and then tying them together so I could see…which then resulted in everyone laughing at me…which then resulted in picture taking…(picture in the next email you’ll receive…) But this is what you get for being blind.
Then we shot off fireworks, which resulted in minor injury. Not on my part, keine sorge! But it was very fun!
We had several lesson with several people, set a baptismal date on the first of January (what a great way to start the year!) and got back in contact with Frau Hasenauer (we have an appointment with her on Wednesday). Frau Fokidis came to church (but only for Relief Society because she’s terrified of men…) Olivia Schneider and her mother also came to church, which was a very very big surprise!

It was a very good week.

It was a little stressful near the end because of transfer calls. Normally we get transfer calls on Friday morning, but this time we had to wait till Saturday morning. And so, on Saturday at 6:33, while I was still praying, the phone started ringing, saying that we were both staying!
Four transfers in Augsburg and three with Sister Armstrong. This is going to be an awesome transfer, we’re on a roll!
Yesterday was a very interesting day. I translated live for the first time on my mission…or really, ever. Our ward has a translation system set up and we have a couple of Africans that come and a small family from Utah that just moved in for a few months that only speak English.
Translating is hard.
But I did it. I made a few mistakes and lost some of the transitions, but we’re going to practice translating conference into English from German live this week. Probably will have to translate next week too. But I’m excited! This is something that I want to do!
After church we drove out to our bishop’s house where we ate a large meal and then watched a movie. We only watched it after much bullying on the bishop’s part, mostly because we weren’t sure if it would be okay to watch the movie, even if it is about Sister Missionaries in Austria…
And so, we watched the Errand of Angels, which is truly, MUCH funnier when you speak German. Sister Taylor has TERRIBLE German, except for her miracle German when she speaks to the little girl at the door when she leaves Graz, then she magically speaks Schwebisch, a dialect that you can only hear in Germany, Augsburg, Ulm, Stuttgart…
But it’s just really really good. A really good feel good movie. 
But it got me thinking. 
The movie got it’s title from the song As Sisters In Zion that goes: 
As Sisters in Zion we’ll all work together
The blessings of God on our labors we’ll seek
We’ll build up His kingdom with earnest endeavor
We’ll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak
The Errand of Angels is given to women
And this is a gift that, as Sisters we claim 
To do whatsoever is gentle and human
To cheer and to bless in humanity’s name.
How vast is our purpose how broad is our mission
If we but fulfill it in spirit and deed
Oh, Naught but the Spirit’s divinest tuition
To give us the wisdom to truly succeed
I have never really liked this song before, I thought it was silly, but once I looked through the words and I really thought about what they mean, I realize how wonderful this song is!
As sisters in Zion we’ll all work together
             I feel really close to a lot of the Sisters in this mission. I’ve felt that way for a while now. We’re all here to do our special part in the Lord’s work. There’s a reason the world is being flooded with Sister missionaries. People are so surprised when they see us on the street and they’ve only seen the Elders.
The Errand of Angels is given to women, and this is a gift that as sisters we claim
              More than once on my mission have I been called an angel, mostly by old women, but the principle still remains. There are times on my mission when I have seen someone’s prayer answered through my words or have seen someone’s life affected because I was the messenger that brought the gospel to their lives. But whatever influence I have had on anyone, it has simply been through the Lord’s influence. The Lord’s love has been able to work through me and help people. Angels are the messangers of the Lord, and I am so very grateful to be a messanger of the Lord.
How vast is our purpose how broad is our mission
              There are so many missionaries serving in the world, but the amazing thing is that you don’t have to wear the black name tag to be an angel. So long as you carry Christ’s name on your heart you have the power to affect the lives of the people you know and love. Perhaps even people that you don’t know yet, or don’t love yet. But that’s the greatest thing my mission has taught me, is how to love people.
I left on my mission and I thought the greatest challenge would be the long hours, the strenuous schedule. But I quickly discovered that it wasn’t the schedule or the time or the work that was stopping me from being the best missionary I could be, but the fact that I didn’t know how to love people. I have never been one to be openly affectionate or to express love, but on my mission I have told many people, people who are practically strangers with genuine sincerity that I love them. My heart has been opened and I have learned to love the people the Lord has allowed me to teach, because I have felt the love He feels for them.
I am so grateful for the Love that I have felt from home, for the prayers you have sent my way, I have felt them every single day of my mission. I have felt their influence and I am so grateful for them.
I love you all, and I say that from the deepest depths of my heart,

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