The Weakest Saint

Well, we had a wonderful P-day in der Schweiz today! In the beautiful city of Lauftenburg! Woo!Image

My hair is gone and I am all ready for the summery days that we’ve been getting glimpses of in the beautiful land of Deutschland. Unfortunately, they didn’t last for the weekend. 

But this week I have really been thinking about the atonement and what it means to me. I feel like I talk about it a lot…in fact, I feel as though in every email I’m talking about the Atonement. Simply because it means SO MUCH!

But I was just thinking about the hard times that we’ve been having lately in Singen with people we thought were doing so well and then suddenly took a nose dive. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s how it is…

And it’s always in those moments, when things seem to be going terribly, that I feel as though I’ve been hit to my knees and I don’t have any more strength to keep moving. (which, Sister Judd, if you remember the letter your brother wrote you with the Rocky quote, yeah, that’s still very much in my mind.) And so I sit there, driven to my knees because of the difficulty of the week or the day or the year even (been out in the field for over a year-say what?!), and I think about how much I cannot do this work on my own. 

But every night, when I, literally, fall on my knees to pray, I am reminded of a favorite quote of mine, “Satan trembles when even the weakest saint falls to his knees.”

I don’t know abut the rest of you, but I would say that I rank pretty low on the ‘Saint Strength Scale’. But still, we’re on the Lord’s side, the Lord, the Creater of the universe, the almighty God, the Father of our spirits-how can we lose?

This morning I read a talk that Elder Jeffery R. Holland gave in a CES devotional in 1997 and a particular part struck me deeply:

“I can tell you this as a parent: As concerned as I would be if somewhere in their lives one of my children were seriously troubled or unhappy or disobedient, nevertheless I would be infinitely more devastated if I felt that at such a time that child could not trust me to help, or should feel his or her interest were unimportant to me or unsafe in my care. In that same spirit, I am convinced that none of us can appreciate how deeply it wounds the loving heart of the Savior of the world when he finds that his people do not feel confident in his care or secure in his hands or trust in his commandments.”

The Lord wants us to come to Him with our problems. He suffered for them, He knows how it feels, He knows what we’re stuggling with and how to help us. We just have to confide in Him.

Another quote from this same talk said:

“Considering the incomprehensible cost of the crucifixion, Christ is not going to turn His back on us now. “

I can’t tell you how many times I have felt that I have been left alone. But thank goodness that Jesus Christ was always right there, helping me, even if I didn’t realize it. 

So whether you’re simply struggling with life and feel as though you’ve been left alone, remember that the Lord hasn’t forgotten you, perhaps you’ve forgotten Him. And if in this midst of doubt, or at any time in your life, you find yourself pushed to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray. Make the tempter tremble with your spiritual trust in the Lord. Jesus Christ died for you, show Him your gratitude. 

I love you all and I feel your wonderful support. 




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