I Add My Own Witness

I have found that, just like I am always ready and anxious to curl up with a good fairy tale or a good book, I am always in the mood for a good miracle. Unfortunately, this miracle doesn’t involve heroic rescues or knights in shining armor. (Sister missionaries stand out enough, we don’t really need to be toting swords or shiny helmets… Looking like Jehovah’s Witnesses is bad enough, we don’t need to look like we belong in a Medieval fair.)

But that’s not the point of this particular sword, the point is that Sister Smith and I experienced an amazing miracle this last week. It was Sister Gurney’s birthday this week (She’s the wife in the ehepaar in Singen) and we had grand plans to heart attack the inside of their house. So, off to DM we went to print off a birthday card for Sister Gurney. 

As we were printing it off, a woman that worked there came over and asked us, in English, what we were doing here. She pointed to my name badge and she was really nice. She asked us a lot of questions and asked where she could learn more. We both felt like we couldn’t ask for her information, but she said that she’d seen us around, and we’re in DM almost every week, so we were sure we would meet her again. 

So we headed off to Müller to find paper to cut out into hearts. While we were in the store we heard, “Mormonen, oder?” I’ll be honest, I chose to ignore it. How many times on my mission had someone tried to pull me into a fight by egging me on with those very words to get my attention. But then the man said it again. I couldn’t ignore him now.

I asked him how he knew about the Mormons and he said that two boy had shown up at his door a couple of years ago, had given him a book and then had never come back! He said that he had read the Book of Mormon (and he called it by name) and he said, “Ich habe immer noch interesse.” I still have interest. And then he offered to give us his phone number! We called him last night and he didn’t answer, but this morning he called back early and was very excited that the “Mormonen” had called him. 

This experience was so cool to me! I have never really been contacted in a store before, and I just think it’s so incredible that the Lord puts us in the right place at the right time. Especially since Sister Smith and I had been planning to go to Müller first and then DM. I know that miracles happen! 

A second large miracle that happened this week was with Erwin, one of our investigators. He comes to church every Sunday and has a bromance with our GML(Ward Mission Leader?) Benji, and he’s just awesome. Erwin has told us, in very straight terms that he has no intention of getting baptized. None. But this last week we met with him a couple of times, and he said that he would get baptized in the Bodensee this summer if his daughter got baptized on the same day. So…this Sunday we’ll be praying and fasting that his daughter will be open to meeting with us and to one day getting baptized with her father. He’s made incredible progress and he’s just been doing so well. He’s even started reading in the Book of Mormon and told us for about ten minutes how much he loves King Mosia.
Another miracle happened at an Ausstellung in a city called Überlingen on Freiday. It was a huge success. I’m not sure how it is in other missions, but it was so incredible for us when we gave out over twenty Books of Mormon out to people on the street in just under two hours. It was incredible just to see the willingness of the people that we talked to. 
I never realized before my mission how important the Book of Mormon is to missionary work. I actually didn’t even realize the significance of the Book of Mormon in my life and the effect that it has on you when you diligently study and pray about what it says. 
This morning I read a talk by Elder Holland called Sicherheit für die Seele and it was so incredible. This talk has been made into a Mormon Message and you can watch it here: http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages/topics/book-of-mormon?v=911029448001 I would ask that you take four and a half minutes of time now to watch it, because Elder Holland, an apostle of the Lord has the ability to give testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon with eloquence and power in a way that I could never hope to achieve.

But I would like to add my witness of the Book of Mormon, to be written by angels in heaven and to be placed among those of Joseph & Hyrum Smith, the apostles and prophets of these latter-days, and to all those who have borne testimony of it’s truth. I know with a surety that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I have read it, I have pondered it, and I have prayed about it. My answer came and I know of it’s truthfulness and divinity. I know that the Lord inspired the writers of the Book of Mormon so that it could come forward in these days, to touch this lives of millions of people. 
I am convinced that the Book of Mormon contains the answers and the peace to these questions and worries of life. The answers are within the pages of that Book and I promise you that as you read it with real intent, you will find out for yourself the truthfulness and the incredible witnesses and testimonies of others before you will be proven. I know with absolute surety that the Book of Mormon was translated by the word and power of God. And I know, that Joseph Smith, an unlearned farm boy from New York was a prophet of God. 

I may never have to give my life for my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I don’t think that will ever be required of me. In fact, I think the Lord has given me, and perhaps most of us, the responsibilty to live our testimonies of the Book of Mormon. Let people see the difference in you and let them understand that you are different because you belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wear it PROUD! Stand up for what you believe in and be BOLD when you speak. 
Your testimonies, no matter how simple they may be, can touch the hardened hearts of battered men. Trust in the Holy Spirit to take that knowledge to the hearts of those who will listen and you will witness miracles. 

I promise you that, if you haven’t already received a witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, if you get on your knees right now and ask God, you will receive an answer that it is true. And if you’ve already received your witness, I can promise you that if you get down on your knees right now and ask God for an opportunity to share your testimony of the Book of Mormon you will receive that chance.

I invite you to do whichever is applicable to you now. 

I leave my testimony with you, a testimony that I proclaim, freely and proudly because I have received my own witness.
I love you all!

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