Revelatory Experiences

Well, this week was quite a trip. We were away for most of it, which made it a little difficult to do some missionary work! But there was also an amazing miracle! One of the Elders’ investigators, Maria, got baptized! Finally! We had been there with the Elders for almost every appointment and it was so great to see her finally get baptized!


Benji (our GML), Sister Smith, me, Maria, Elder Bartholomew, Elder Garrett

She’s so tiny and I had to hem the dress that she’s wearing-by HAND! ANd the slip as well! I was in a serious state of stress! But, it’s okay, everything worked out okay, and it didn’t look too bad. So, when you look at the dress, don’t judge the crooked hem-line. 🙂 Oh boy!

But this week we had Mission Tour in Zürich with Elder Timothy J. Dyches. He spoke in the General Konferenz before last. It was really interesting to see what he spoke about. And let me tell you, we got the marriage talk. From Elder Dyches AND from President Miles. So…that was interesting. Elder Dyches sent President and Sister Miles out of the room for a few minutes and then he asked us to list the attributes that President and Sister Miles have. He wrote them down on the board and called Pres. and Sister Miles back in and then showed them how much all the missionaries love them. Then he pointed to the attributes of President Miles and said, “Sisters, when you go home, you need to find a man with these attributes.” Then he pointed to Sister Miles’s and said, “Elders, when you go home you need to find a woman, preferably a return missionary, with these attributes.”

President Miles got up soon after and said, “Elders and Sisters, missionary work is the most important thing you can be doing. Right now. There is no greater work than what you are doing. Right now. One day you will go home and do something better and more important, but missionary work is what is most important right now.” It was just crazy! Sister Jaynes told me afterward that she knew what she had learned from Mission tour. She said, “I need to go home, get married, and have babies.” But there were some people who didn’t even pick up on the marriage talk. It’s really weird how that works…

On Thursday morning we headed off to Munich for a rather large finding day with Munich and Stuttgart Zones as well as the people coming in for MLC (Mission Leadership council) Which is why we, from the Freiburg Zone, were there. 

How exciting! Then two days of meetings and we were back on the road, a four hour trip back to Singen.

But something that stuck with me from Mission Tour or maybe it was MLC (have you ever noticed that we really like to abbr. in the church? Did you see what I did there?) Sister Dyches talked about all the meetings we go to in the church, especially as missionaries, and she said, that they shouldn’t be just meetings, they should be Relevatory Experiences.

I have been thinking about this a lot. In the church, and not just as missionaries, we are expected to go to a lot of meetings, church meetings, meetings for our callings, meetings for Relief Society, Young Women, Elder Quorum, Young Men, Primary, Chor, etc. And I know, personally, before my mission, that I thought of meetings as…well, meetings.

By raise of hands how many of us have ever dreaded going through another church meeting? In fact, sometimes I feel like the word was almost something to be abhorred. Meetings! How TERRIBLE! But, in the end, these meetings are inspiried. That’s why it’s a commandment to go to church, to be edified by the good word of God. These are not just meetings, these are opportunities to be relevetory experiences. And it takes the right attitude to enjoy that revelation.

C.S. Lewis said, “God gives where He finds empty hands” I would say that we can come to church with our hands still loaded up with all our worries and cares from the week. We’re still holding onto the bag of annoyance because the dishes didn’t get done, and we’re still cradling the zucchini of sleep because we stayed up too late watching TV. And don’t forget we’re glued to our smart phones playing angry birds or checking facebook.

Do those sound like empty hands to you?

We all have the chance to receive revelation, but we have to be ready for it. So leave your bags at home, leave the Zucchini in the garden and leave your phone in your pocket. 

My challenge to you is to sit in your next meeting and have a revelatory experience. Trust me. You’ll find you enjoy church more than ever before. I promise you that you will get more out of these meetings that the Lord has inspired for you. Answers to your prayers will come. Worries and sorrows will be soothed, and you will feel the love of God more abundantly in your life.

I hope you enjoy your revelatory experiences and that you realize that your empty hands give the Lord an opportunity to give you something better.

I love you all!



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