​Yesterday, after we got home from our Mother’s day Skype, Sister Smith and I were walking home in the freezing pelting rain. As we were going we were half groaning and half laughing at our ridiculous situation. Before we were halfway home we were soaked head to toe in ice cold water. As we passed the half way point the dump of water calmed down a little bit and the sun began to peek though the rain clouds. As we turned a corner we looked to the horizon and saw the most brilliant rainbow I have ever seen. 
Unfortunately the picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was so clear and so crisp, and so PERFECT!


It was perfectly over Singen and it was BEAUTIFUL!

we just stood on the corner and marveled at the beautiful gift Heavenly Father gave us after we had just trudged through the rain trying to get home.

As I stood there looking at the rainbows I was just reminded of how a rainbow is formed. Light enters into a single droplet of water and is refracted back out of the raindrop, which, in a prisim-like way creates the spectrum of colors.

It’s just incredible to me that light refraction can make something so beautiful.

But then I realized it’s pretty much the same thing as it is with the gospel. A single sliver of light enters into a single person which then refracts more light out into the world and it creates a beautiful rainbow for all to see.

Okay, so the parallel is a little weak, but I was just struck by the beauty of the rainbow yesterday and thought that I would share this little gift above the earth that the Lord gave us yesterday.

I would say that we are all rainbows in our own ways and in our own lives more than we would think. Everytime we give out something good in a positive way, by being an example or by simply practicing what we believe, then we are able to see miracles. Some as simple as a rainbow, but one that still gives joy and happiness to all who see it.

I love you all, sorry for the short email this week, but a picture’s worth a thousand words and you’ve got two! (And hopefully a video in dropbox)



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