The Ninth Pair

Well, this week was an adventure! We went to Rhein Falls on Monday for P-day and that was quite fun! Switzerland!

Rhein Falls in Switzerland

Tuesday was Zone Training, which was successful and was followed by an Austausch. I went to Lahr with Sister Hemmi (this is her first transfer in the field) and we were talking about how their suitcases had been stolen out of one of their hall closets in their apartment building and she showed me the closet that had been broken into. Someone had basically pried the door open wide enough to get past the deadbolt and had gotten away with a passport, internet passwords, etc. As we were looking at the other closet in the hallway that also belongs to them, we noticed that this door was open, and lo and behold, the burgler had come back that day and had opened up the other closet door. So Sister Hemmi and I spent the next few hours at the police station. Most of the time we spent in a tiny locked room (see picture below). It was quite the adventure. 


Friday we went to a Relief Society activity that was…veryEuropean. I’ll tell you all about in two weeks, but suffice it to say, it was not something would find the members of my home Relief Society doing. 

On Saturday there was a baptism for the Schaffhausen Branch in our Stake. It was a part-member family and it was all in Spanisch and Swiss German. It was so very spiritual and everyone of the family members who were there for the baptism were so happy that he was getting baptized. The Lord works miracles on the hearts of the people here in Europe. There are people being prepared, we just have to find them. 

Yesterday we went to a Romanian birthday party and that was…well…interesting. I will be very excited to enjoy BBQ that is done the American way: warm, fresh off the grill, and has more meat than fat. I  love Europeans, but they just don’t understand the concept of grilling. 

This week I decided to share a poem that I wrote recently. I love my mission so much. It means everything to me and I’m so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a missionary in this beautiful part of the world. It has never been einfach, but it has always been worth it.

I remember the day I walked through the doors

To 18 months of dreams on distant shores.

A pair of brand new shoes on my feet,

Carried me further than I could ever think.

Those shoes carried across the sea,

Walked the beginnings of the journey with me.

Through rolling hills and crowded streets,

We talk with everyone that we meet. 

But soon enough the soles wore down,

My feet touching the frozen ground
A small price to pay to preach the word,
I only wish my shoes had endured.

Purhaps a hundred miles, maybe two,
The next pair wore out much too soon.
With a heavy heart and a weary mind, 
I wish I didn’t have so much time. 

Each step marks another day,
Out in the heat, always on our way. 
I spent many long and sleepless nights,
Crying and praying with all my might. 

I felt abandoned and oh so alone,
I couldn’t help but wish I was home.
Back where I was comfortable,
But the decision to leave was impossible. 

And then through the darkness came a light,
That gave me a reason and a purpose to fight. 
With renewed evergy and a newfound hope,
As I read the words an apostle wrote. 

So on again with a brand new pair,
Before the frosty chill joins the air.
And as the fall creeps in again,
Those shoes aren’t as nice as they once had been.

Unworn boots crunch fresh fallen leaves,
And the passing of time brings a bit of relief.
But the people aren’t always so kind
And all our efforts seem undermined.

And before I know the water comes in,
The world is against me, there’s no way to win. 
The holes in those shoes are too much to bear,
Even the seams have begun to tear. 

Stomping your feet to keep the cold at bay,
What I would do to stay inside all day. 
So I buy a new pair that locks the cold out,
And makes it easier to be out and about. 

But all too soon the cold breaks through,
I tell my father, “I should have listened to you!”
Before the winter’s chill is past,
 I find a pair I know will last.

The winter’s snow melts and fades to spring,
And finding new shoes is no small thing.
But off again in the work of the Lord,
The soles fell off as I was preaching the word.

We say all souls will be resurrected one day,
But for shoes I’m not sure it works the same way.
With a good-bye to the shoes that carried me so far,
I prayed the new ones would be up to par.

I’ve learned more than once that life is hard,
But you have to finish what you start. 
So others could know what’s truth and right, 
A new pair of shoes came into my life. 

The time is so short, now where did it go?
It seems like yesterday that we had snow.
And as time goes on so cooly unforgiving,
I pray to Heavenly Father in desperate yearning.

I wish for the days that never seemed to end,
The days when I had no more energy to spend. 
I long for the days in Austrian hills,
And long winter nights with unbearable chills. 

For the Bayern blue that feels like home,
The friendliest place I’ve ever known. 
To walk those streets and hear those sounds,
To cound the cobblestones on the ancient ground. 

For the Bodensee with waters so deep,
And the picture perfect view that makes me weep.
With people I could’ve never loved more,
Who I will continue to love, of that I’m sure. 

I’ve learned time moves much too quick you see,
And it’s going on, with or without me.
Now my heart yearns for days long gone,
As another new day breaks into dawn.

And as the day grows steadily nearer,
Some things become somewhat clearer. 
I think of all the lessons I’ve learned,
And all the hearts the Lord has turned. 

I remember an eager little girl,
Who set out to save the world. 
Her heart and mind so full of dreams,
Found out the work was harder than it seems.

And through the steady flame of the refiner’s fire,
That girl gave up all the Lord required.
And now in the ninth pair of worn out shoes,
I’m coming home, back to you.

I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support and love. I feel it every day!

Alles Liebe,

One thought on “The Ninth Pair

  1. Wow! What a gifted poet! That really should be published in the Ensign or something! Can’t wait to meet her!

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